Castle Village Jvq Sarab
Jvq castle village with a population of over five thousand people is one of the most populous villages
The village is located three kilometers north of the city at the Mirage The village appellation thanks to historic castles, beautiful along with it.
Mirage city in the northern province, lies along an ancient hill village that archaeologists finding the ancient history of this village in the central city of Sarab These villages were part of the district is Razlyq.
Distance to about two 2Kylvmtr Mirage Mirage is located in the city of highland locations.
Vapartman mud and straw houses two or three stories showed the reconciling tradition and culture of the ancient and the modern in the village. The architecture of the old houses in the village, telling talent and art and religious culture of the people.
The general shape of a diamond from the north to the south of the village are drawn.
Beautiful gardens with various fruit trees such as pear, apricot, walnut, peach, apple, Plum, poplar poplar, willow and willow on the village green is a problem like ...see more a ring.
Fountains of boiling water cool in summer and spring beauty and freshness of nature around the village is twofold.
And peasants, enamored of each passenger and his lips are thirsty to drink.
Including the springs can be "Gara Gorge" and "Dizaji Julian" and "agricultur Springs C" and "Julian Razlyq" mentioned.
Flat and fertile plains in four different seasons in the village with his magic colors
Caressing every viewer is And the table thanks to the villagers.
Tajyar seasonal river that passes through the West Village with a small gap
In the spring and early summer each human nature to be attracted.
Roaring sound in the middle of the spring season promises water for farmers.
Most people in this village are engaged in agricultural work.
Including arable crops in the village are wheat, barley, cucumbers, beans, garlic, clover, alfalfa, cabbage, carrots and potatoes noted.
Among the largest Potato cultivation into account.
Residents of the village next to the livestock farming (cattle, buffalo, sheep) also pay. The Cow Studios blooded animals seen a handful of the most Khvrd.v cattle breeds (Dutch) are lactating.
Some of the villagers are engaged in apiculture. Sheep farming is less important.
Jvq ancient hill fort at the entrance to the village two kilometers north of Sarab and Jvq castle is located.
The highest and widest dunes of the ancient hill region.
Jvq ancient hill fortress of the oldest and most historic ancient hill region
Belonging to the second millennium BC (4 thousand years ago), and in the year 1347 under the number 793 in the national index registered.
Asbforoshan Waterfall

Asbforoshan Wa...

Asdforushan waterfall of Sarab is located in the neighborhood of Sarab county in Asbforushan Village in northern hillside of Bozghush mountain. This waterfall forms of joining pure fountains of the hillside which gives an especial display to the nature of the area. Asbforushan Village...

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Razlyq Inscription

Razlyq Inscrip...


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Sarab Mosque

Sarab Mosque


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Shirehjin Village

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Asbforushan Village

Asbforushan Vi...


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Bozgosh Protected Area

Bozgosh Protec...

Bozghush protected area is located in the east of eastern Azerbaijan and Mianeh and Sarab county. Especial mammalians of this protected area includes leopard, Kal( a kind of goat) and goat, caracal, brown beer, badger, porcupine, weasel, sable, boar, wolf, fox, rabbit, earth squirrel, ...

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Bozghoush Mountain

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Shalqun Village

Shalqun Villag...


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