Sabulous Boshruyeh in East Boshruyeh city located in South Khorasan Province. This sabulous southeast of the city Boshruyeh, East Boshruyeh Salt Desert, north and south of the city of Kashmar, Cal passion is limited.
Sabulous across the widest part, about 30 km and a length of about 24 km. East sabulous scattered among the hills are covered by Nmkzarhay. The height of the tallest hills in the southern area of about 70 meters.
In the southern and central direction is mostly sand hills east - west and north side of the reduced height of the hills, and have no clear direction.
Anbvhtr sabulous vegetation in the northern part and the southern part is Tnktr. The cover consists mainly of sand-friendly plants such as Tamarix and Askmbyl the plant communities such as sex and it also can be seen.
Animal coverage area are: Sargph desert, eagle, foot brush, jackal, wolf, fox, sand, cat sand, a variety of Gama and Jacko, horned viper, June snake, adder, snake, ...see more camel and ... In the eastern part sabulous, Boshruyeh Salt Desert is located. The desert south of the city Boshruyeh, the West Village and rich agricultural land of the village and to the north of the desert Bajestan Nygnan Abad village is terminated.
Boshruyeh desert city in the northeast has spread throughout the range of about 90 kilometers in the desert, the maximum width of 20 km. Deserts cover the bloated clay courts - is composed of alkali deserts and central parts of the clay is wet.
Salt contains sodium sulfate and magnesium, which is found in the desert in recent years towards mining that has been done.Desert vegetation is mostly desert, including salty-friendly plants such as tamarisk and is Ashnan plants.
The desert zone is not visible at the center of any vegetation. On industrial plants such as tragacanth. Asafetida, Caraway and other plantain plants in this region.
Agricultural lands are located in the desert. Most farms Boshruyeh, mainly deep-water wells and half is irrigated. Agriculture based on groundwater reserves and areas prone area and the major products were made to cotton, barley, wheat and pistachio nuts are grown and harvested in the past been done though, but recently there has been great prosperity.

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