Kazeroon Township is an area that was known as ‘Green City’ because of having fertile soil, abundant supply of ground water, the variety of natural resource and its vegetation.
Around the city is full of narcissuses and the fields of narcissuses that the scent of narcissus can tranquillize everyone; the quality and freshness of these flowers are special and they have several species such as a narcissus with 6 petals, Shahla and the common narcissus.
Among these different types, Shala in regard with quality is more unique than other ones and is famous due to its beauty and its special scent.
Most of the narcissuses' fields of Kazeroon with an area of 25 hectares are located at areas such as Jare, Balbak, Sarmashhad, Famoor. Jare is the name of a village in Kazeroon that has one of the most popular and beautiful narcissuses’ fields that attracts so many tourists every year.

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Dalaki Bridge ( Moshir Bridge )

Dalaki Bridge ...


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Parishan lake

Parishan lake

Parishan lake is a lake in Iran. The Lake is in Kazerun, Fars Province and is the largest freshwater lake in the country. It receives only very small amount of water from feeder ri...

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Bishapur Historical City

Bishapur Histo...

At a distance of 23km northwest of Kazeroon, near Shapur’s river, and Shahi ancient road which linked the Sassanid capital (Tisfun) to Perspolis, Bishapur Historical City was built. Since the city was near southern coast of the Persi...

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Davan Village

Davan Village

Davan is a village in Deris Rural District, in the Central District of Kazerun County, Fars Province, Iran. In the Davani Dialect it is pronounced : do'u At the 2006 census, its populati...

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Nazar Caroon garden

Nazar Caroon g...

This garden is one of the spectacular attractions and historic monuments of Kazeroon. Nazar garden due to its beauty and greenness in all the seasons of year was a place for resting and entertaining of so many kings, princes, rulers and dignitaries of FarsInformation| Map | Route

Barm Kazeroon land

Barm Kazeroon ...

The plain of Barm and its oak forest is located at 30 km of the east of Kazeroon and in the route of Kazeroon to shiraz. Baram’s plain, is the largest oak’s plain of Iran and is considered as the last southern forests ...

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Kazeroon Fire Temple

Kazeroon Fire ...

This fire temple is situated at 10 km. south-east of Kazeroon. It belongs to Sassanid era. It was possible to think it was a fire temple in Sassanid period but based on different evidences such as not being destroyed, in next periods there were some other theories in regard with its app...

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Tange Chogan Reliefs

Tange Chogan R...

Tang Choogan is located at 25 km of Kazeroon city and in front of ancient city of Bishapoor; Shapoor river passes through this strait from northeast to the southwest and the beautiful spring of Sasan bubbles from a part of this strait. The spring has persisted for long years and today ...

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Dolchehdouzi in Kazeroon Fars

Dolchehdouzi i...

Kazeroon placed in the west of Fars Province. Kazeroon has specific crafts in addition to numerous historical monuments. Dolchehdouzi is one of these crafts and visible in one of the Kazeroon squares today. Mr. Mohammad Reza Paydar is one of the surviv...




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