Tel-e-Sefidak is the name of a place that is discovered in 1978 in the west of Haji Abad, Zarindasht Township. According to archaeological excavations this site dates back to 6000 years ago. The most important sites in this area consist of Tel-e-Sefidak and Mill-e- Nagharkhane. In fact it is a column remains from one of the fire temples belong to Sasanid era or early Islamic period. Tel-e-Sefidak is known as a house for masters in Sasanid era and there is found some works such as plaster bust of Shapur II in 1700 years ago, statue of lion's head, statue of goddess Anahita and unique stucco with vegetative decorations. Statues of king and goddess Anahita in the fire temple are the symbols of religion and government focus that was common in Sasanid period. Nowadays the statues are moved to museum and just a ruin is remained. This ancient area is one of the most important archaeological areas of the country where some remains of Sassanid era can be seen there.




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