Climate : Temperate
OldName : Panbeh loo
Famenin County (Persian: شهرستان فامنین‎) is a county in Hamadan Province in Iran. The capital of the county is Famenin. At the 2006 census, its population was 40,541, in 9,928 families.
The county is subdivided into two districts: the Central District and Pish Khowr District. The county has one ...see more city: Famenin. Reference:

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Ghale Joogh cave

Ghale Joogh ca...

Ghale Joogh cave is one of caves of the pre-Islamic era which is located in the extreme East Famenin. The cave is dugout in Median and Achaemenid era probably and engineering of cave is very strange and ...

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Fire temple of Ghareh Tapeh

Fire temple of...

Ghareh hill is located in south Famenin and dating back to prehistory. Ghareh means black in Turkish Language. The temple is located at 3 km from the city Famenin. It is ve...

Golshan tower and ancient mosque - Khosh Abad village

Golshan tower ...

Golshan tower is located in Khosh Abad village at a distance of 19 km Famenin city in Hamadan province. The tower appointed to the Gulshan brothers and is made in the late Qajar with 4 floors. Bottom floor of the...

Ancient bridge of Jahan Abad

Ancient bridge...

Along the way Famenin - Hamedan there is a jahan abad village. A bridge is based on the ghare chai seasonal river of the same name. There isn't any Information of the bridge's Builder. The old road bridge in Information| Map | Route