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Climate : Cold
OldName : Pirooz gerd
Borujerd (Persian: بروجرد Borūjerd‎) is a city in and capital of Borujerd County, Lorestan Province in western Iran. At the 2006 census, its population was 227,547 in 59,388 families.
Among the existing modern cities in Iran, Borujerd ...see more is one of the oldest reported at least since the 9th century. In Sassanid Empire, Borujerd was a small town and region neighboring Nahavand.
Gaining more attention during Great Seljuq Empire in the 9th and 10th centuries, Borujerd stood as an industrial, commercial and strategic city in Zagros Mountains until the 20th century.
In its golden ages, Borujerd was selected as the state capital of Lorestan and khuzestan region during Qajar dynasty in the 18th and 19th centuries. Today, Borujerd is the second largest city of Lorestan; hence, the major industrial, tourist and cultural center of the region.
The city has kept its old architecture and lifestyle mostly through mosques, bazaars and houses built in the Qajar era. Its people are mainly of Lurish descent, but there are a minority of Laks who also live in Borujrd and who are Laki speaking, like Balavand, Ghisavand, Shahivand, Bayrnavand, Ichivand, Kolivand, Jalilavand tribes who inhabit the area of Borujerd township. The city of Borujerd is one of the oldest cities in Iran which has been populated at least for 20 centuries and has been reported at least from Sassanid Empire.Though originally founded by the Jews having taken refuge to Persia, since the Muslim conquest of Persia(637-651), Borujerd has been considered as a strategic area and especially in Seljuq dynasty and Qajar dynasty it received significant attention and many mosques, schools, bridges and castles were made or rebuilt by these dynasties. Borujerd City has 256,962 inhabitants (estimated for 2006) and it is the 31st largest city in Iran and the 2nd largest in Lorestan.
Borujerd is the industrial point of Lorestan. Its historical and cultural background as well as its remarkable nature, has changed it to a tourist destination.
The city is well-structured with live nights and many shops and markets. Borujerdi people are easy going and tolerant and different religious minorities such as Jews, Sufism and Bahá'í Faith have grown there.
The city has been named as Dār-Al-Sorūr which means the house of happiness. Today, Borujerd is sometimes referred to as Paris Kūčūlū namely the little Paris. Reference: www.wikipeida.org Borujerd city is located approximately 1670 meters above sea level and has a moderate climate with cold winters.
The highest point is Garrin Mountain 3623 m above sea level and the lowest area is Gelerood River in South with 1400 m elevation. Borujerd Township has 2600 km² area with approximately 400,000 inhabitants distributed in the city of Oshtorinan and more than 180 villages. Borujerd is located on Silakhor Plain which is the largest agricultural land of Lorestan.
The high-elevated Zagros Mountains surrounds it from South East to North West and the peaks are covered with snow most of the times. Rural people work in farms or keep their domestic animals.
Other people work in governmental offices, armed forces, factories or small local businesses. The feet of Zagros Mountains is a great destination for nomads and many Lurs and Bakhtiari nomads move there in summer.
The area is paved with highways and is a crossroad between Tehran and khuzestan Province as well as Isfahan Province and Kermanshah Province. Reference: www.wikipeida.org

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