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Khonj (Persian: خنج‎, also known as Khunj and Khunji) is a city in and the capital of Khonj County, Fars Province, Iran. At the 2006 census, its population was 20,012, in 3,362 families.
It is located at an altitude of 670 metres (2,200 ft). Khonj was traditionally part of the region of Larestan. ...see more The people of Khonj are native Persian (Aryan) of Zoroastrian origin who converted to Sunni Islam. Khonj is located 270 kilometres (170 mi) south of shiraz.
Its history goes back to 2000 years and were known to be the followers of Zoroastrianism. Khonjis refer to themselves as Khodmooni, a term literally meaning "part of ourselves" but figuratively used to refer to people from Gerash, Lar, Evaz, Khonj and other neighboring cities that share a common Language known as "Achomi".
The ancient names for Khonj has always been Hong and konj (corner in Persian) and over time it was changed to Khonj. Its residents are Sunni unlike most of the rest of the country, and are famous as traders.
The city has historical significance as it was the home for many Muslim scholars and great architectures before and after Islam. ibn battuta the great Moroccan explorer wrote about his travels to Khonj in great detail. Reference:

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Kafeh Khonj Lake

Kafeh Khonj La...

Kafe Khonj Lake is one of the recreation centers is shiraz with an area of 130 square kilometers. It is located in Khonj city in 265 km to the south of Information| Map | Route

Sheykh Danial Minaret

Sheykh Danial ...

Sheikh Daniyal ' minaret is located in the city of Khonj in shiraz and is one the unique minarets of Iran. The minaret is situated on the north side of his Information| Map | Route

Khonj Mosque

Khonj Mosque

Khanj congregation is built on the south side of Fars province and Khanj Township of Larestan. The antiquity of this building dates back to 8th AH century, but it is necessary to mention that the present building of ...

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Tomb of Sheikh Abonajm

Tomb of Sheikh...

The temple of Haj Sheikh Mohammad Abu Najam is considered as one of the buildings of Islamic period in Khanj Township and Larestan province. The history of this temple dates back to 7th century AH and it is also built by stone and mortar plaster. ...

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Tomb of Sheikh Ghazi Hasan

Tomb of Sheikh...

The temple of Ghazi Hasan Sheikh is one of the Islamic buildings of Khanj Larestan Township. The antiquity of this temple which is located in Shoaybi neighborhood of Khanj township, dates back to 8th AH century and is also built by stone and mortar ...

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Koh hava and tangkhor Protected Area

Koh hava and t...


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