Ardestan (Persian: اردستان‎, also Romanized as Ardestān and Ardistān) is a city in and the capital of Ardestan County, Isfahan Province, Iran. At the 2006 census, its population was 14,698, in 4,077 families. Ardestan is located at the southern foothills of the Karkas ...see more Mountain chain and is 110 km northeast of Isfahan.
It is believed the city has been founded in Sassanian times and was strongly fortified in the 10th century. A Seljuk-era mosque, a bazaar, several ab Anbars (water storage), and historical houses of the old town are among the tourist attractions of Ardestan.
Mulberry, Pomegranate and a special kind of Fig are the main orchard products of the town. It has been said that the Sasanian king of kings Khosrow I (the Just) was born in this town.
Ardestan is also the birthplace of Hassan Modarres. Lying in the margin of the central desert of Iran, this town is one hundred eighty Kilometer north East of Isfahan cities.
Dating back to the Parthian period. Ardestan contains famous monuments, such as historical mosques and etc... Ardestan township is located 416 kilometer. South to Tehran on the eastern outskirts of central mountains adjacent to desert. There are isolated mountains, extensions of mountains which called Karkas (means Lammergeyer), in the south of the Ardestan.
The climate of Ardestan is warm in the north of the city and cold in mountainous area of the south. According to different narratives, Ardestan is an old city founded by Dastan Saam, father of Rostam (in Shahname Ferdosi).
A fire-temple was built there by Ardeshir I the founder of Sassanide dynasty. Also, it is the birthplace of Anooshiravan. In early fourth century AH., it was a fortified city with five gates covering an area of one square mile. The historical and eye-catching sites of Ardestan are: Several underground water reservoirs, Jogand caravansary on Ardestan-Na’een road, Water mill aggregate in Ramian and Zavareh, Sarhang abad palace aggregate in east of Zavareh, Several old mosques. Reference: www.wikipedia.org www.iranparadise.com

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Ardestan Moon Qanat ( Aqueduct )

Ardestan Moon ...

Qanat is an underground gallery that conveys water from an aquifer or a water source to less elevated fields. In practice, a Qanat consists of a series of vertical shafts in sloping ground, interconnected at the bottom by a tunnel with a gradient more gentle than that of the ground. T...

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Ardestan Mosque

Ardestan Mosqu...

Ardestan jameh mosque is one of the bedchamber mosques which changed to four porches mosque in different eras. It is said that the first mosque was built on an older building that may be related to Sassanid era according to available documents and ...

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Tomb of Amir Oveis

Tomb of Amir O...

One of the most dutiful and valuable monument of Ardestan city is the sepulcher stone of Amir Oveis which people of Ardestan known as white stone because it was made of beautiful alabaster that shine under sun s...

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Dagh Sorkh Desert

Dagh Sorkh Des...

12. Dagh Sorkh Desert Dark sky and observing the stars,unique silence,intact wildlife,fascinating geological phenomena of that desert,make that region to a attractive and worth seeing point. Zavareh Information| Map | Route

Faskhood village

Faskhood villa...


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Zavvareh old city center

Zavvareh old c...


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Sangbast castle

Sangbast castl...


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Zavareh mousqe

Zavareh mousqe


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