Village atash Big
Functions of the Village of Big Fire Nzrkhryzy Hashtrud city located in the province of East Azarbaijan, East Azarbaijan is one of the oldest villages in the historically important events that have occurred.
The village is very convenient because of the geographical location of the two great rivers, namely Qranqv and Jbynd And springs abound, including significant areas of agricultural production is If more attention and investment on economic, social, scientific and cultural Hashtrud become one of the leading areas The reverse migration of people from the suburbs to the countryside in recent years confirms.
The village has a Mediterranean climate and is located in the temperate zone.
This village is one of the villages because there are government agencies and non-scientists
Important role in the development of outstanding and highly skilled individuals in the field of scientific research, culture and society in the region.
Several times in Russia's wars against Iran and the Iranian military, and Russian armies. Before and after the Islamic Revolution in Iran was the center of much of the surrounding villages.
This is the last village before the time returns a Zoroastrian fire temple, the time has come to account. Names Qasim Beg (at the time of Nader Shah), never Tash, Tash, Big, Big Fire has been dependent on it.
Due to the immense archaeological Tshbyg village has many historical monuments, including six villages were destroyed (with Names Gvllvyh, hearing impairment, Dgyrman, Dvlama hill, Bayes Hill, Chvplyjh and ruins the names of some of them, such as hearing impairment, one of the villages in the Zoroastrian) is.

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