Pottery qara Kahrizi Khameneh
Worthless soil and water and flowing, clear eyed view of the fact that each observer guests
And the wheels turning, "Pottery" are playing Gordon Wheels From the soil and turn the wheel, and ignorance Rnd eat bread almost to the bottom.
Land here is the art of Pottery. Gravity that holds hands with water, soil, feet on the wheel and eyes on the furnace, the jars are Toys and Hnrvrzy provide.
If this is always the clear water springs "Qara Kahrizi" blue on her face, eyes, "Crafts" host is arranged around the fountain.
See that the artist holds the Azerbaijan expensive, so beautiful, creative lyrics are being written.
Now, "Qara Kahrizi" clear the road for passersby to Tasuj Tabriz and Urmia, the symbol of beauty, honesty, creativity and timeless products for a fair price.





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